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Battle's End:

Black Mountain Complex Petroglyphs

The Battle for North America, seven thousand years ago, is being revealed in

the ancient rock art and petroglyphs of Superior Valley, California.

Black Mountain Complex Petroglyphs
Seven thousand years ago a monumental battle between two diverse Native American cultural groups, the Paleo-Uto-Aztecan and the Paleo-Hokan, ended the first genocidal war on the North American continent. This battle
determined the cultural development of the Mojave Desert, Southern California, the Great Basin and the American Southwest for the next two thousand years.
The Uto-Aztecans, armed with thrusting spears were no match for the new weapons technology, the atlatl and dart, of the Hokan. The Uto-Aztecans were defeated, but not destroyed. Two thousand years later they returned to reclaim their homeland.
This site is dedicated to recovering the 'history' of these two cultural groups by examining the rock writings, petroglyphs, pictographs and 'geoglyphs', within the Black Mountain Complex and its associated sites throughout North America.




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