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Discovered by this author in May 2015, this Ram's Head totum represents the history of all Uto-Aztecan speaking people, past, present and future. It highlights a twenty-five square mile memorial dedicated to the survivors of an ancient holocaust, seven thousand years ago. It is Native American 'history' written in stone...

Apparently there is some confusion or misinformation about discoveries. Therefore, the following definitions were taken from the Cambridge English Dictionary:


Discovery - The process of finding information, a place or an object, especially for the first time.


Pioneer - One who is first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise or progress.


Visitors to this site have discovered exciting new opportunities for research in the field of Rock Writings but some have been unfairly intimidated by the negative remarks of fellow researchers. Sorry about the Victorian Era hyperbole and insecurities of those who feel the need to belittle others for their own inflated egos and self-serving agendas. You have a 'pioneering' spirit, you have chosen to believe there is a lot more to our American Indian brothers and sisters than most desktop archaeologist would have us all believe.


Contrary to the opinion that we cannot translate rock writings because we cannot speak to the authors is pure hokum, misinformation and outright deception. This opinion identifies those individuals unwilling to actually 'work' at conducting meaningful field research. They will criticize the rest of us until they realize we are right, then they will look for a means to claim credit. So be it, let them simmer in their own stew.


You, on the other hand have undertaken to learn and apply a new investigation skill set. A skill set that brings the author's 'intent' to the preponderance of evidence being accumulated which makes you a developing pioneer. We should not be looking for glory. We should be looking for truth. Truth will not come to you. You will have to go out and find it...may the spirits bless your journey


In the following pages we will examine developing methods to identify and determine the author's 'intent', as expressed by the author's themselves. Within the Black Mountain Complex, most of the petroglyphs are inscribed upon rock faces that identify general or specific locations within the Complex.

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