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Fort Irwin, California


Fort Irwin, a desert training facility, is the most unique Post in the United States Army, because it continues to carry on a five thousand year old tradition of training warriors for battle.














In the graphic above, Fort Irwin is outlined in white; the Black Mountain Complex is circled in yellow. Note the corner of Fort Irwin inside the yellow circle. The property line of Fort Irwin indicated by the graphic is literally 'across-the-road' from the Complex.


In the Black Mountain Complex, adjacent to Fort Irwin, the ancient Native Americans engineered, developed and implemented a scaled model of the battlefield on the opposite side of the mountain,












on Fort Irwin, the field training facilities serving the same purpose as the 'Replica' are called 'The BOX'.


Warrior Support:














One of the similarities between Fort Irwin and the Black Mountain Complex (circled) are the support functions required for warriors in the field, training or otherwise. While Fort Irwin refers to the location of its support functions, 'the cantonment area', a large village located near Hinkley (dot), California for the same purpose, supported the Complex.


Another similarity is in marking the correct course through the replicated battlefield. Fort Irwin uses alphanumeric signage, while the ancient Native Americans used strategically placed signage in the form of petroglyphs:








The following signs and glyphs demonstrate the similarities of the battlefield replicas:




































Today, the form of signage may be different, but the purpose is the same 'to guide those unfamiliar with the terrain and correct course toward the objective... In 5,000 years, only the weapons and logistics have changed.

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