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Nothing in this publication should be interpreted or construed as authorization to touch, modify or attempt to enhance any rock art/writing of any kind. All Local, State and Federal laws should be adhered to and all research conducted in a manner consistent with preservation of the subject matter. Researchers unfamiliar with preservation techniques should contact the appropriate Historic Preservation authority in their area.
All the information contained in this publication is based upon interpretation and speculation of tangable materials or previously published documents, both public and private. The following thirty-nine (39) sites were named by Wilson G. Turner in the San Bernardino County Museum Association Quarterly publication “The Rock Art of Black Canyon”, published in 1994. Turner was an art professor at Reo Hondo Collage, Whittier, California whose students investigated, recorded/drew and inventoried the petroglyphs throughout their authorized research area. The names re-used here are to honor Turner for his outstanding contributions in preserving ancient Native American rock writings, educate Rock Art researchers that the Complex is more than Black Canyon and Inscription Canyon; and, to eliminate the repeated distraction of reading-flow caused by repeated insertion of Turner’s copyright tag each time the site name is repeated. These sites are:

Ancient Falls                                                               Jack Canyon

Ant Hill                                                                        Lizard Knoll

Big Bend                                                                     Long Hill

Black Canyon                                                              Minor Hill

Black Knob                                                                  Moore Hill

Black Wash                                                                 Orange Opal Canyon

Ceremonial Point                                                         Perlite Plateau

Cirque Edge                                                                 Sandal Hill

Clay Hill                                                                        Sandy Mound

Dragon Hill                                                                   Scouts Cove

Earth Dyke                                                                   Shallow Valley

Finger Point                                                                  Small Point

Flat Top                                                                        Smokey Knoll

Gem Hill                                                                       Tortoise Mountain

Hidden Canyon                                                            Unique

Hunter’s Point                                                              Valleys End

Inscription Canyon                                                       View Point

Inscription Canyon-East                                               Wash Basin

Inscription Canyon-West                                              White Opal Canyon

                                                                                     Wide Canyon

All rock art/writings displayed in this publication are protected by law, their locations are either on public land or private property, published with the property owner's permission. The exact locations of all rock art/writings is intentionally withheld; City, State and Regional locations are used to provide a generalization of locations, except where specific locations such as state or national parks have previously been published and have become part of the public domain.
All the maps used in this publication were created using Google Maps. However, all the maps have been changed and/or modified, by the author, from the original Google product. The maps were/are used to create graphics for comparative analysis and/or educational purposes, with or without attached/overlain graphics.
All materials in this publication are copyrighted and the sole property of Samuel E. Hunter, dba Black Mountain Complex, author and Web Master, consistent with the My site name copyright below. Permission to reproduce and use these materials for research and educational purposes are hereby granted, provided the following credit is published in conjunction with the material used: (Hunter CW:2000)



The purpose of this site is to inspire awareness, preservation and research of all rock art/writings. As the site grows and develops, it is hoped that YOU will help in these efforts by submitting questions, comments and suggestions: Our primary means of communication is the 'Contact' button above.






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