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Beginning to read ancient American Indian writings.

At Black Mountain Complex Inc, our mission is to research, protect and promote the study of ancient Native American writings and recover documented events of potential interest to American Indians. Our programs include field and laboratory research, public speaking, educational programs and publications.

The challenge for translating rock writings is attitude and deterioration from human and natural causes. From the human perspective, we were all taught that petroglyphs and pictographs are ‘art’, meaningless Indian graffiti or doodling for the purpose of passing idle time. From the perspective of Mother Nature; heat, cold, rain, floods, earth quakes, mud slides and fire are a necessary function of life. Both take an enormous, catastrophic toll on the rock writings…damages which are assimilated by modern graffiti, book burning, unsupervised rock climbing or destruction by natural causes to libraries and other book repositories. From the perspective of the American Indian, their written history was lost and/or stolen by war, disease and trickery.

The intent of this blog is to open up a dialog and promote the recovery of American Indian history, as WRITTEN by the ancient Native Americans themselves.

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