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The following glyphs represent the concept of petroglyphs as writing, from simple sentence with only a subject and verb to complex paragraphs:

31 Simple Sentence: The subject is the rounded figure representing group, the members of the Proto-Uto-Aztecan (PUA) alliance. The verb is 'traveling', represented by the line between the subject and the edge of the rock face. The simple sentence is 'Group Traveling'.

However, since this is a rudimentary writing system, modern derivatives of the words 'group' and 'travel can be substituted to produce a more comprehensive understanding of what the author intended to communicate without changing the meaning of the glyph. 

The subject figure is divided into three parts. Therefore, the subject 'group' can be replaced by the plural 'groups'...'Groups Traveling'. Likewise the verb 'traveling' can be replaced by verbs such as traveled, fighting, forced, herded and pushed.

The graphic above demonstrates the location referred to by the rock face pictured above.

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