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Benedict, unchallenged through several decades of development in the anthropological studies; they still adversely influence anthropology, archaeology and ethnology in many ways, including semi-false implications of peace, home and hearth, where clearly war and intertribal violence were in evidence… Pueblos were not constructed to protect the occupants from bears, mountain lions and coyotes…" (Hunter 2006)


Cultural Anthropology is neither.  In concept, cultural anthropology is the study of people, their lifestyles, art and music (culture), a rational scientific endeavor based upon what 'is' or 'was'.  In application however, cultural anthropology is an illusionary tool used by elitist academics for political activism, anti-war protests and social engineering through manipulation of empirical data collected with predetermined 'should be' or 'should have been' results…Morganism!


The purpose of cultural anthropology, as practiced, is to change the culture, divide and conquer, destroy an established social organization and debase established moral and ethical values as practiced by diverse aboriginal peoples.  In order to establish a 'new' past social order, controlled by the elite academics, cultural anthropology has, in fact, by strategic omission, systematically robbed the Native Americans of their ancient traditions, customs and history to include writings and large-scale corporate bodies, or regional groups, based upon language.


The battle between Social and Cultural anthropology is the same as the battle between new and old,  good and evil, conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat, democracy or socialism or any other combination of diametrically opposed concepts.  Too much focus on either side of the issue causes an imbalance in the natural flow of life’s energy.


These same observations were expressed by Father Pierre Francois Xavier de Charlevoix, a French, Jesuit priest, in 1744 and reiterated by Dr. Benjamin Smith Barton in 1797…to which Morgan, in fact, had access in deference to Tooker’s indication that he did not.  The following is a modern, American-English translation of Father Charlevoix’s observations/avocations in Italic with the author’s remarks, explanations, observations and commentary:


“It is remarkable, as Charlevoix observes, that those who have undertaken this investigation should have neglected the only means that remained to come at the truth of what they were in search of, I mean, the comparing of languages.” (Dr. Benjamin Smith. Barton 1797)


…“Instead of this method, (comparing languages) which has been neglected, they have made enquiries into the Manners, Customs, Religion, and Traditions of the Americans (Indians) in order to discover their origin".

The purpose of this site is to inspire awareness, preservation and research of all rock art/writings. As the site grows and develops, it is hoped that YOU will help in these efforts by submitting questions, comments and suggestions: Our primary means of communication is the 'Contact' button above.






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