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Traveling is represented in petroglyphs by a group figure, such as a circle, square or triangle, with a line attached. The direction of travel is from the figure, not toward it.




                           +                        =










Anthropological convention stipulates the figures below are a 'Sun' (left) and 'Half-Sun' (center), because that is what they 'look like' to modern people.











However, based upon the context of 'travel', it is more likely that the short lines in all directions represent members of the group standing with their backs together and fighting, because they are surrounded, as demonstrated by the right side graphic.




                       These images represent peaceful groups traveling.






                        However, with a point added to the group symbol, the

                          images represent 'war' parties traveling.



                             Another form of traveling is 'connections', traveling to

                             and from one location to another, having a mutual

                             relationship, speaking to someone or exchanging

                             plans, ideas and beliefs.




More will be added to this page as our knowledge and understanding increases.

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