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Author and Acknowledgments:












                                                                       Photo courtesy of Leslie Ozawa

The author, Samuel E. (Sam) Hunter is a retired military senior non-commissioned officer with twenty-two years experience in terrain association and field expedient 'symbology' used to mark booby traps and improvised explosive devices for local villagers in foreign combat zones. He is an author, lecturer and speaker. He is known for his unique petroglyph research throughout the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe, including Great Britain, Scotland, Belgium, Germany and France.


This web site could not have been published without the help of my loving wife, Crystal, who continues to spend many long hours editing its contents.


Likewise, a great deal of credit must be given to my friends and associates who have assisted in my research, encouraged me or most of all tolerated my bullheaded pursuit of the truth, despite the absurd obstacles: Doris 'Nadine' Hunter (Wife/Deceased); Neil and Sharron  Morrison; Joseph and Denese Moore; Leslie Ozawa; Alius, Damon and Amber GrayEagle (Lakota); Barbara A. Durham (Timbisha Shoshone); Dr. Robert Bryson, PhD; Dr. John Allison, PhD; Dr. James Jefferson, PhD (Southern Paiute); Alex Rogers; Brantley Jackson; Gavin and Cassity Fox; Ivan Summers; Steve and Kathy Travers; Warren and Mary Rees; Mickey Quillman; Marc Rollins; Jim Shearer; Moe Marchbanks and Michell Schuff; Moreena Castro; Sandy Cleland and Harold Brewer. Many thanks for all the help and inspiration over the years.


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