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Glyphs, Symbols, Context and Syntax:


On this and following pages, the glyphs, symbols, graphics and their meanings may apply to many sites throughout North America. However, the meanings as presented on this site are only confirmed to be consistent with the events within the Black Mountain Complex.


Likewise, the events stipulated herein are also confined to the Complex, but ongoing research is being conducted to identify potential locations, such as Homolovi State Park, Winslow, Arizona, Valley of Fire, Las Vegas, Nevada and the Mojave National Preserve, Barstow, California, where these events may have been recorded and /or recalled by local or traveling Shaman for the historical benefit of the descendents now living in more remote locations throughout this nation.














The photo and graphic outline above are of the Black Mountain Complex. In the photo the Complex is shown as seen from space, the outline assimilates the concept of using rock faces that assimilate general or specific locations throughout the Complex. These reference points are the subject of the inscribed glyphs. In simple terms, the rock face is the 'paper' upon which the event is recorded. The rock face 'looks like' the location where the recorded event took place and the symbols used are consistent with the language or dialect spoken by the author.


The purpose of this site is to inspire awareness, preservation and research of all rock art/writings. As the site grows and develops, it is hoped that YOU will help in these efforts by submitting questions, comments and suggestions: Our primary means of communication is the 'Contact' button above.






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