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The manners, customs, religion and traditions are subjects of 'cultural anthropology'. These research topics pre-date Lewis Henry Morgan, but may have been incorporated into his surveys, reporting and legal strategies, as opposed to developing original themes and questions.


This also suggests that the only changes to the social anthropological research of the day were the development of Morgan’s questionnaires and reporting methods. It further suggests that the results of the questionnaires and reporting were used to change the outcome of the research data, which may have contained undesirable results and conclusions within the context of a new, developing nation, in need of land. In retrospect, the following is an analysis (prediction/avocation) of the results from future Morganism (cultural anthropology); the phrase 'Arrangement of Things' establishes a direct link between Charlevoix’s assessment of 'cultural changes', in 1744 and the Attorney General’s criteria for evicting Indians from their land, 1846, and the implementation of Morgan’s legal strategies, on behalf of the railroads, beginning, publically, around 1850.


Notwithstanding, I am persuaded, that this disquisition (formal discussion) is only capable of producing a false light (deceptive results), more likely to dazzle, and to make us wander from the right path, than to lead us with certainly to the point proposed (truth). (Cultural anthropology certainly can 'dazzle') Ancient Traditions are rejected (forgotten) from the minds of such as have not, or who, during several ages have been, without any help to preserve them and half the World is exactly in this situation. Converting verbal history into written, alphabetic,  phonetic text is 'help in preserving'…which also has legal implications; by documenting a plausible history in a “coherent text”…a legal criteria required for the definition of 'civilized people' in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


New Events and a new Arrangement of Things give rife (predominance) to new traditions, which affect the former, and are themselves affected in their turn. After one or two centuries have passed, there no longer remain any marks capable of leading us to find the traces of the first traditions. Translation: Re-arranging history and traditions results, after 200 years, in there no longer being any traces of the old traditions… This prediction shows some validly, after 269 years, in light of the lost history and traditions of the American Indian in the last 163 since Morgan began his 'scientific research'.


The manners (culture) very soon degenerate (degrade) by means of commerce (trade and communication) with foreigners, and by the mixture of several nations uniting (joining) in one body, and by a change of empire (Indian-to-European) always accompanied with a new form of government (monarchy-to-democracy). How much more reason (evidence) is there to believe such a sensible (logical) alteration (change) of genius (thinking) and manners (culture) amongst wandering (nomadic) nations (tribes) (which have) become savage, living without



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